How do Dental Websites benefit from having a Dental Blog?

A blog is an important part of dental marketing. It is a web tool attached to your dental website which can be used for digital marketing of your dental clinic.

It is a platform to share all the information about your dental clinic and its values. It can be used to build a brand with a unique proposition and increase patient footfalls in your clinic.

Many dental websites don’t have a blog and those who do, do not update often.

Having a blog with fresh content where readers can come back time and again is an effective way to gain trust and build rapport with old and new patients. To gain and retain their loyalty which helps them spend money for your services.

The blog content that we create for dental websites is created by writers well versed in dentistry and Search engine optimization. You can be assured that your blog will reap maximum benefits when it is in the hands of Techiedentist.

We give dental blogging as one of a kind, stand-alone service to our clients who are not ready to take the plunge of a digital marketing package and just want to keep their blog updated with fresh, SEO optimized content which will help both their prospective patients and website rank.

Benefits of having a Dental Blog

Educating patients:

In this Google age, patients are well researched on their problems and available treatment options, so much so that it becomes annoying to a doctor. Imagine the same education coming from your website. When they get the information they are looking for from your website, it increases their trust in you. It is a win-win formula for both the parties.

Apart from educating patients about various diseases, you can educate them about newer treatment options available in your clinic. The blog is a two-way street where people can ask questions in the comment section, by answering them in a prompt way, you are creating a rapport which in turn leads to loyalty and word of mouth publicity for your dental clinic.

Search Engine Optimization:

Google loves new content. You cannot add new content every few days on your website. But with a blog attached to your website, you can have new content in every few days. Make sure your blog content is SEO optimized. Blogging must be done with both readers and search engines in mind.

Use keywords in titles and description in a natural manner. Avoid keyword stuffing for the sake of ranking. It will backfire and may even get you penalized by the Google. Create a Dental blog for the readers which search engines can find easily by incorporating keywords and its variations in a smart manner within your blog content.

Building a Quality Brand:

With blogging, you can build a brand which people trust with quality. In India, where people don’t give importance to dental hygiene, you can educate them about various hazards of neglecting their oral health. You can be socially responsible and promote yourself as such creating a brand image of a dental clinic who cares about people more than money. Blogs give you a platform to showcase believes and values of your dental clinic to people who matter to you and your business.

Promote your USP:

If you are a dental clinic who specializes in orthodontics, create your blog content surrounding your expertise. Make yourself the market leader by posting content that educates the patients at the same time highlighting your USP.

Blog with a Purpose

Blogging for the sake of blogging doesn’t help. Have a plan where you want to take the blog. To build the credibility of your dental clinic or marketing or just because everyone else is doing it. Have a solid plan. Blogging is done with the main purpose of search engine optimization and keeping the prospects engaged or to attract new patients.

Make the most of your blogging by providing useful content which helps with SEO optimization. Decide the keywords you want to rank for and create in-depth content related to it. Post often. A blog post in a month doesn’t help. It must be one per week for optimum SEO and keeping readers interested. Readers don’t like to visit a website with one or two blog posts. When starting your blog, post 10 or more articles at once and then go back to regular posting.

Email follow-ups:

Encourage your readers to sign up for your mail list, by adding a call to action at the bottom of every blog post. By having a mail list, your marketing will be in your control. You can notify your followers about any promotions or discounts running in your clinic. Wish them with a personal message on festivals and other important occasions, further increasing the rapport with your patients.

Backlinks/Link Building:

You can post on other websites for a quality backlink, which helps in the SEO. It is called guest posting. With guest posting you can increase backlinks to your website, thus increasing search engine ranking at the same time engaging the audience of that site as well.

Social Sharing:

Having a blog doesn’t guarantee readers. After creating a good blog post, you need to share it on all social media channels to attract readers. If your content is good, people share it with others. By increasing social shares, it creates more backlinks and readers of your website. It helps in marketing.

Viral Posts:

The best thing about social media is the ability of a post to go viral and create huge traffic to the website. With consistent blogging, you create a greater chance of one of your posts going viral. It may be your fifth post or twentieth or the hundredth one. But there is a chance, and some chance is better than no chance. With increased content, the probability of viral post increases. If you manage a post that has the ability to go viral, then you must also have content that will hold the interest of large traffic coming your way through it.

While Dental Blogs has many benefits as a marketing choice, it comes with its shares of difficulties.

Below par Content:

Having a blog doesn’t mean you can post any kind of content. A short blog post with grammatical mistakes will do more bad for your reputation than good. With not many dental bloggers on the market, many dentists suffer from low-quality content. If a blog post is written by a non-dental blogger, you find many mistakes pertaining to dentistry and are not in depth as a blog post should be.

Non- SEO Optimized posts:

Apart from knowing dentistry, a blogger should understand SEO practices to benefit the most from a blog. Having an in-depth blog post without optimizing it for search engines will not lead to views it deserves. Using right keywords in title posts, meta-titles and in content is necessary for a blog to gain maximum value for the dental clinic.

Having discussed the challenges. The benefits of a blog are greater than its challenges and to help with the challenges, Techiedentist is here to the rescue.

If you are a DIY Dentist, follow our blog to get tips on every aspect of dental marketing.

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